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I Love you Wewood Watches!!!

Met the brand WEWOOD watches and am passionate about brand models! The WEWOOD is an Italian brand of wooden clocks. All material used for the manufacture of the products is to re-use and every piece sold a tree is planted in partnership with one of the most renowned NGOs of USA! Show that much right? She is a newcomer to Brazil and it’s been a successful one! They’ve even partnered […]

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Mido Watches of ETA

Watches – Swiss watch manufacturer, ETA S / A, produces internal movements for a variety of manufacturers of Swiss watches. The ETA 2836-2 is a movement of 25 jewels having a balance wheel that oscillates 28, 800 times hourly. Instead of a movement ticking, this action of high frequency sweeps the next hand all around the dial in a smooth and continuous advancement. The mechanism of bi-directional automatic rope has […]

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Tritium watches on TRASER watch

Unique technology of tritium watches for unique watches: Traser H3 watches are the best watches to read in the dark or twilight world. Through research, the Swiss company mb-microtec has succeeded to produce that generates 100 times more light output. A self-activating light source the luminous parts have no battery or other charging source is needed and do not require any maintenance. Traser watches are equipped with tritium watches. Very […]

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MULCO Watches Unisex MW1 10186 044

If you begin to find MULCO Watches type Unisex MW1 10186 044 Analog Chronograph Swiss watch. Some websites are more expensive than here. After you have been to what you’ll understand my offers are higher than others. I work difficult to find the best price every day. It may be necessary MULCO Unisex MW1 10186 044 Analog Chronograph Swiss watch, beginning with trying to get a cheap?? Worth until you […]

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Commitment to Quality Rousseau Watches

Whether one cares to learn a mystery into Jean Rousseau’s legacy, the reality on the issue is he is very immortal. Mortality, however, wasn’t cheated. Immortality was earned on Rousseau watches. The idea of ​​using a spring instead of weight, as mover of the motion clocks, allowed artisans to reduce the size of clocks; secondly, the fact that the movement of the spring allowed to walk in any position, they […]

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The difference between a Sinn watches and a fake

The reputation of Sinn watches as a luxury brand more recognized in the world often attracts imitation. Determining the authenticity of a Sinn watch can be difficult, as modern production techniques have produced fake Sinn very similar to the original watches. Some simple rules can help you avoid fakes, but the best way is to buy your watch from an authorized dealer. History Know the provenance of the watch. When […]