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Welder watches with sizes varying

Welder watches are his next session is after U-Boat watches and have a more modern twist Created by Italy Fontana, who is also the man are very well known in the industry. Welder watches have an original and unique design. From a size perspective Italian made ​​Welder watches are significantly larger with sizes varying and ranging from K25 is 45 mm to significantly largerK29 Welder watch which is 53 mm. […]

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Designs technomarine watches

Technomarine watches represent the good life on the French Riviera. The joie de vivre radiates from the fresh watches off. The Geneva-based brand is known for daring combinations like diamonds on a diving watch or plastic covers over golden cabinets. With these interchangeable covers every timepiece gets a snap a whole new look and also the tires, which are often available in bright colors can be easily changed. A Black […]

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Fortis watches of the world’s first automatic watch

Fortis watches factory was founded by Walter Vogt (1883-1957). 1924 Birth of the first clock Automatic bracelet world, HARWOOD. English watch maker John Harwood (1893 – 1965) and Walter Vogt founded Fortis decided to establish the production of automatic wrist watches. On years 1926 Presentation of the first self-winding wristwatch produced in series in the world, “Harwood Automatic” a clock without crown. A unique mechanism provided with a rotating bezel […]

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Joe rodeo watches JoJo King Diamond Yellow .36ct

Truly a symbol of exclusivity, Joe Rodeo Watches feature Swiss movement and not just for their trendy designs, but a coveted party also holds a high degree of reliability and versatility. Covered with white and colored diamonds, each piece brings a high level of exciting style and unprecedented schoonheid.Joe Rodeo started in 1980 and now owns one of the largest jewelers in America. Joe rodeo watches is the no. 1 […]

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Hublot watch prices: Fusion 38mm

In this section Hublot Watch Prices we have prepared a tour of the main models of the exclusive brand of porthole with price indication Hublot. As an initial orientation, in Hublot Watches Models find a variety of ranges and luxurious combination possibilities results in Hublot watch prices of the various lines covering a range of between 4,700 EUR (approx.) of a model “Basic “to more than EUR 300,000 unique limited […]

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A small collection doxa watches

In the search for a nice clock for someone else (see other thread), my eye fell on the doxa watches sub. Now this is a price so that the mark beyond the capabilities vaulting baluster the thread, but it does have my own interest… I had not previously heard of the brand. Google tells me that it is a well known brand with history. They are partly responsible for the […]